Alan L. Schwartz, MBA
Business Automation & Network Systems Consultant


Application Development  
Network System Consulting/Project Management




The mission of my consulting practice is to aid businesses in improving operations, marketing, management and executive information systems in order to increase profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and market penetration.

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Application Development

Design and programming of business applications utilizing Microsoft Access with Visual Basic for Applications.  Finished applications are fully menu and mouse driven, requiring no database expertise or direct database manipulation by end users. 

Executive information system features provide the non-technical manager with valuable overview perspectives on his business.  This big picture view is enhanced by the ability to drill down into detail information with a single mouse click. 

All applications are fully network compatible and allow multiple users to access system functions simultaneously.  Major applications developed include:

Synagogue Management System - Membership and Activities Tracking System - System maintains and tracks membership; committees and activities; Yahrzeits.  Member billing and payments are exported to QuickBooks accounting software..

Repair Service Processing System Manages Workflow for International Manufacturer of Industrial Products - assigns return authorizations and tracks flow of equipment through facility; tracks exchange units due for return and automatically generates reminder letters, follow-up reports, and invoices; generates graphical analysis and management reports on product line reliability and customer activity; executive information system allows for instant on-screen management analysis pinpointing business trends, with instant links from general information screens to specific service documents.  Data is collected from sites worldwide and analyzed at corporate headquarters in UK.

Employee Attendance Benefits Accrual and Usage Tracking - System tracks employee attendance; automatically calculates and generates accruals for unlimited number of different benefit groups, based on a annual, seasonal, or monthly accruals; tracks non-work days on choice of two calendars, provides employee and management reports.

Client information retrieval for document image management cover sheet generation – Provides fast lookup by client number or name, searching through several hundred thousand county social services records, allows operator to quickly select information to generate bar-coded cover sheet used to separate and input documents into optically scanned document image database.  Application is designed for fast operation, requiring about a dozen keystrokes and generally less than 30 seconds for each client’s form/group of forms generated.

Sales Analysis and Information Processing for National Wholesaler – System converts downloaded mainframe information into relevant reporting system for Marketing/Product Management and Sales Departments.  Fill Rate analysis assists in purchasing decisions.  Customer purchase information is used by Sales department to target opportunities.  Sales information is used to generate required vendor reports.  Product information is used to generate Catalog.

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Network System Consulting/Project Management

Systems Consulting: Responsible for consulting and configuration on large and complex networks, including multi-hundred user systems spanning several cities.  Responsible for entire network hardware and software selection and interfacing with communications services providers to specify and obtain quotes on services.

Project Management: Managed the installation of Barrister Information System Corporation’s largest and most complex network projects (in addition to network design).  Examples include the following:

Cleveland, OH-based law firm - 300 users in Cleveland, 60 users in Columbus, 45 users in Cincinnati; 10 file servers (originally); triangular (redundant link) 56K leased services for WAN links; Dial‑in, Dial-out, and on-WAN remote control; TCP/IP LAN/WAN connection to UNIX system.  Programmed document storage and retrieval system, using Word Perfect macros, to allow management of client documents in approximately 20,000 directories across 20 volumes on 10 servers in 3 cities – any secretary could connect to the correct source and store or retrieve documents knowing only the client/matter number.

Stamford, CT-based law firm - 180 users in Stamford, 50 users in Hartford, 25 users in Greenwich, 50 users in Naples, FL; 56K leased services (all branch offices to Stamford) for LAN-to-LAN link; Dial-in, Dial-out, and on-WAN remote control; Client/Server document management system; connectivity to Barrister minicomputer system

Product Management

Management of several of Barrister Information Systems Corporation's product lines, primarily microcomputer/LAN, based on analysis of market needs and available technology.  Specified product features, function, and user interface for product lines purchased or Barrister‑developed including: microcomputer/networking, communi­cations, electronic mail, word processing, database, and accounting.

Sales/Sales Support

Sales Support: Leveraged technical and business expertise to help sales force close large and complex network systems sales.  The four top such deals for Barrister Information Systems Corporation accounted for over $7,000,000 in sales, and the company’s most prestigious installations.  In general, my involvement in a sales opportunity greatly increased the probability of success.  In many cases, the entire sales effort, solution presentation, system configuration consultation, proposal, and contract negotiation were assigned to me.


Experienced in direct mail and telemarketing, seminar and trade show development and execution, newsletter production and distribution, mass media advertising.


Microsoft Certified Professional #339279

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Master of Business Administration, May 1983, With Distinction
School of Management, State University of New York at Buffalo
Certificates: Marketing Management, Financial Planning and Control

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, May 1982, Magna Cum Laude
School of Management, State University of New York at Buffalo 

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February 1996 to Present
A. Schwartz, Business Automation and Networking Consulting, Buffalo, New York
Consultant, Owner.

October 1998 to Present
Computer Training@UB, School of Management, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, New York
Instructor: MS Access Programming and Visual Basic classes.

April 1994 to January 1996
Zanth Corporation d/b/a MicroAge, Niagara Falls, New York
Network consulting, sales support, and sales management.

Senior Network System Consultant, Sales Manager
Responsibilities: Provide network systems expertise, sales management & support to MicroAge sales force.

Major Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

      Sales Management/Marketing - Generated customer interest in MicroAge and its products through business-targeted seminars.  Increased business community awareness of MicroAge through monthly newsletter.  Directed sales force toward services-rich network communications opportunities.  Utilized network expertise to improve overall organizational sales effectiveness, particularly with respect to value-added network services.

      Senior Network Systems Consultant - Design sophisticated networking communications solutions for prospects and customers.  Instructed beginner and advanced classes  in MS-Word, WordPerfect, MS-Access, and MS-Access Programming.

August 1986 to January 1994
Barrister Information Systems Corporation, Buffalo, New York
Development and marketing of minicomputer and microcomputer systems for law practice management and automation.  Products include hardware, software and consulting services.

Technical Director, Microcomputer and LAN Systems
Responsibilities: Provide overall direction for Barrister's PC, LAN, WAN, and communications products.  Provide expertise in pre‑ and post‑sale presence for Barrister's Micro/LAN business.

Major Responsibilities and Accomplishments:

      System Design and Installation Management - Responsible for the configuration and imple­mentation of strategic network opportunities including Barrister's largest multi-city wide area networks of hundreds of workstations. 

      These systems were designed for ease of use and maintenance, reliability, and soundness of investment.  In the law firm environment, the users are non-technical.  User training and orientation were key to the success of these installations, as was an implementation plan which minimized downtime and user inconvenience.

      Sales, Marketing and Marketing Support - My ability to create business solutions based on computer systems technology resulted in great effectiveness in a sales and sales support role.  My business/computer systems integration expertise made me instrumental in closing nearly every major systems integration project Barrister sold during my tenure there.

      Product Management ‑ Responsible for overall marketing and product line strategy.  Responsible for investigation and vendor negotiation of new products and lines of personal computer  and networking products for inclusion in Barrister line.  Communications Product Management: Responsible for the develop­ment and release of several enhanced communi­cations and Barrister-LAN connectivity products.

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